ROOMZ partner app features

simplify partner work flow



Roomz has several types of partners who help them run their business. for this reason when registering an account, they will be asked to choose the type of partner that suits their abilities. After registering as a type of partner, they can re-register themselves as another type of partner on the screen profile.


the workflow

roomz has several types of partners who help them in the apartment rental process, the challenge is how to make several types of partners can use the same application. the solution is we make a general workflow but with different details on each type of partner.



On the tasks screen, a list of jobs that must be performed by partners appears. After completing a task and clicking the confirm button, the list of tasks that have been done will move to the history timeline. Then all work data including photos that have been entered by partners will be read and confirmed by the PIC unit.



After all the tasks have been completed, of course partners need reports and transparency of the income they get. Before they taking the assignment, it is stated how much income they will get at the task detail, and the report of the amount of their income will be displayed in statistical data.

next project

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