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Easy check-in TROUGH Roomz app

how to book roomz
apartement unit?

in the Roomz guest application, there are 2 ways to book an apartment unit. First, by searching for the desired apartment then make a booking. Second, if the guest is already in the location of the apartment managed by Roomz, the guest can directly order it on the spot by scanning the qr code on the reception desk.

reserving Roomz
apartment units on location


guests can scan the qr code at the reception desk and choose the unit they want. After selecting the unit and filling in the reservation data, then make a payment and check-in.


A qr code scan was added to make it easier to find the unit, there are 2 types of QR created. First, the QR of the apartment is placed on the reception desk which when scanned will display a list of all units listed. Second, a QR placed on the door of the apartment unit when scanned will display the details of the unit. If guests order through the help of a receptionist, then the receptionist on duty in the field will direct to make a booking via the application.

steps for booking
an apartment unit

book - confirm - pay | book - confirm - pay | book - confirm - pay |

unit detail screen

On the unit detail screen, there is some information such as apartment photos, location, and other details. I added one feature that is quite important but some other apartment rental service providers do not showing it, that is the booking date. Based on my personal experiences and the experiences of people around me, when I finished my transaction, it turned out that the inputted date was not what I wanted. By displaying the booking date, then the possibility of these errors can be minimized.

claim orders from
an online travel agent

Roomz has several sales channels, one of which is an online travel agent such as traveloka,, airbnb, etc. therefore I added the order claim feature from OTA. by entering the booking code provided by ota, and other confirmations, the guest can claim his order and get a smartkey password on the apartment unit of his order.

ease of contacting roomz partners who are in charge of accompanying guests

in my research on playstore review on apartment rental applications other than roomz, one of the most complained problems is that guests do not get direct contact to the front office in charge of checking in process, so that guests can wait for several hours until finally they can actually check- in. you need to know that apartment unit rentals are slightly different from hotel room rentals. At hotel rentals there is a front office clerk who is always on standby at the reception desk, but not with the apartment rental business model. Because in one apartment building, not all units can be rented because these units are owned by individuals. So, Usually in an apartment unit rental there are no officers on standby at the location, which is what causes the guest to wait for several hours until finally being able to check-in.

The solution we can provide is to provide access to the contact person responsible for checking in. and displays the exact location where the Roomz partner is located so guests can find out. Before the guest goes to the apartment unit, Roomz partners will contact him first so that the guest does not wait long.

self check-in
faster and hassle-free

in the order details, at the very top there is a “dapatkan kode kunci” button which means get a lock code. The key code is the smartkey password that is on the door of the roomz unit. If the guest chooses this feature then they can do a self check-in without the help of Roomz’s partner. all they need to do is fill out the form, upload photos,  selfies while showing their ID, and pay a deposit fee. After that, the guest will immediately get a key code to open the smartkey on the door of the unit he has booked.

badge feature for
customer loyalty programs

for every transaction through the Roomz app, users will get points that can be collected to raise the badge level. the greater the points collected, the user can get more promos and cheaper prices

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